Friday, September 5, 2014

5 on Friday: Iowa State Fair edition

Tim & I often joke about how we eat our way through the Iowa State Fair. this year was different. We didn't really eat that much but I did take lots of pictures of food stands.
  1. Southern Style Nachos. YUMMMM homemade potato chips, nacho cheese (even if it was out of a can), shredded smoked pork & BBQ sauce (again, even if it was store bought). This was a first for us, recommended as back up plan if the line to the hot beef sundae was too long for us-it was, now I am thankful. 
  2. American Gothic statue. Somehow I managed to cruise right on by this bad boy on our first Saturday at the fair. Place in the middle of one of the main drags that I know we walked on both directions. Way more impressive than I expected it to be. 
  3. The big Pepsi clock.  It was always a 'center point' for us growing up. We were taught (?or maybe just learned on our own) how to remember the location of almost everything in relation to this clock. I love that its still there, still works & still in great condition.
  4. The flags lining the top of the Grandstand.  I don't remember them there as a child but I do remember that when someone was lost or missing their meeting time, there was an announcement, "would John Doe please meet your party at the Hall of Law located at the West end of the Grandstand" & on the repeat of it (they always said it twice) my brothers & I would repeat it with the announcer. Oh the funny things we did as kids & then remember as adults.... 
  5. The food stands. I haven't tried but I imagine I could find the exact number of food stands located on the fairgrounds & I bet the number would boggle my mind even though I know there is A LOT. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Currently: August

Getting: acquainted with 2 new littles.
Realizing: how much more time its taking me this year to regain my bearings once school is underway.  I am blaming age...
Spending: every Monday evening with my grandparents is the most rewarding time I have right now.
Missing: my brother this week at odd times. excrutiating hurt like I haven't felt in a year. the kind that brings tears at the drop of a hat, without warning & for no apparent reason.
Reading: Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor series. 
Reorganizing: my scrap table soon. Since I finished that summer chapter, its time to move it off the workspace & replace it with something different.
Loving: that I have worked scrap time into my evenings this summer. Its not often a priority in the warmer months when there is so much to do outside. 
Staying: on track with a cleaning schedule for a month is amazing for me.  Usually I just 'hit a lick at a snake' when the feeling (or need) arises, but lately I have been cleaning the childcare on Friday afternoons & then the upstairs on Sundays. Its working for now.
Using: the heck out of the Iowa Food Coop products available right now.
Taking: time to read or scrap this summer is truly saving my sanity.
Deciding: on various Scrap Pink details. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Phone Dump

Thinking this might be a fun regular post to have..
From our view of our normal 'beach' .. yea, almost completely underwater, but it worked out well. Real camera photos will come soon..

our amazing view heading home from the fun afternoon at the lake.

AND I need to be better about checking the garden!! these 4 cukes were found & picked on Sunday.

ping ping ping.. we tag teamed some salsa making on Sunday afternoon 

 coleslaw I made on Monday (Labor Day) morning to go with our supper. mostly ingredients from the Iowa Food Coop-gotta love it! 

how was your weekend? as you can see ours looks to have been a healthy balance of fun & productivity. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

5 on Friday

trying to work blogging back into my routine this fall, I would really like to talk about something other than scrapping for my non-scrappy readers.

5 things I am thankful for this Friday:

  1. I am so thankful I've been able to be a part of the Iowa Food Coop!  I think it was just the boost I needed getting back out in the public after being an at home childcare provider for so long.
  2. I am so thankful to be allowed to work with the county conservation board in their rehabilitation & redesigning of a playground that has been in a local park  since the 1970's. Shopping for new stuff is fun but figuring out how to fix/add to/adjust our old-school toys to keep them with in the modern day 'safety regulations' is way  more rewarding.
  3. I am thankful to all kinds of friends pointing out job possibilities to me every few days.  Trying to decide what I 'want to do when I grow up' is frequently on my m ind. I wonder what is in store but I rarely worry about finding the right fit or making enough to support our lifestyle.  I know we will be taken care of, what is meant to be will be, & the best things come when we just have faith in how its meant to be. Their pointing openings out is really keeping my eyes open to options I never would have considered but having someone else say 'you would be great here' or 'you would really make a difference in this position' not only is flattering but eye opening as well.
  4. I am so thankful to be surrounded by a houseful of children in the mean time. I truly love my job (most days as most people can say) and I am thankful for those families that are sticking with me.
  5. I am so thankful to be healthy enough to help keep up on the yard mowing, house keeping and meal fixing as Tim's job has gotten busier, requiring him to work later evenings & Saturdays. Yes I am blessed with a husband that was rocking the yard work as well as enjoying trying out new recipes in the kitchen. 
What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Done & Documented: August

When I look at this in collage form, this makes me giddy! These are all the pages I completed in August! This also completes Labor Day 2009 AND THAT completes 2009!! I cannot say that about any other year. Scrapping is such a  funny hobby. I love to get chapters completed but don't ever want to be caught up! Being caught up would mean that I had nothing left to scrap & I don't ever want to feel like that. I do however feel comfortable that that will never be an issue for me :) 

I do plan to make some changes in how much I scrap for each chapter.  I have slowly come around to the idea of not needing to scrap every single printed picture & even find pleasure in handing off 'extras' to those either in the photos or someone else related that wants it for a project, scrapping or just to have a photo of them. :)   I never thought of storage of these many huge albums for each year NOR where they would go when I am gone since we don't have anyone to hand anything down to.  I like to think that the nieces & nephews might want the pages of their families as they are of them growing up at many family events & that if there is anyone left in our lake family that they or their kids might want those ... but those thoughts are getting pushed out as I am just going to continue to enjoy creating & to heck w/what's going on after I am gone ;) (thanks Tiffany & Tracie @ ScrapGals podcast for even making me think about it. :))  I am going to have to cut back on what is put into albums as there is no way we will ever have space to store 8 12x12 albums holding 45 sheets each, making them about 5" thick EACH. FOR.EACH.YEAR. lol SO, my plan is to try to cut it down to one lake album & 2 family albums for each year from here on out.... wish me luck ;) 

here are some of my faves from the month.

these first 2 are high on my list. I love that I was finally able to use this gorgeous fishy paper that I have had forever, that I was able to couple it with the plastic fish buttons I have also had forever and that I was able to document a great moment.  Those twine knots are also one of my favorite things I've done this month.

This pink & black page is pretty & I don't often pull off a pretty lake page.  I got to use the old calendar page, and new 'people' paper, washi tape & brads. So fun!!

This one was another one where I got to use some old stuff that's been laying around on my desk combined with some new goodies.  the chipboard arrows are dwindling down in my stash & I am sad about that (better pick up another pack soon) but I have what seems like an endless supply of flowers :) 

This is one of my simpler pages & I am glad I kept it that way.  This 8x10 is one of my favorites, I even considered framing it instead of scrapping it but as you can see, its scrapped! this is pink vellum on black cardstock w/a scrap strip of some tan French love in script on cream background slipped in for grounding. Thickers, cricut cuts & little letter stickers with a clock, ribbon & twine for the title corner, then under the smaller photos that are slipped int a flip flap is the tiny bit of journaling about how I love capturing a great reflecting sunset on the water.  Now, to get sleeves to get them into & then into albums! Then, on to a new year!

you can see my January, FebruaryMarchAprilMayJune, & July  reports here.
Done and documented is series of monthly posts that highlights Jess's progress completing unfinished travel 
albums from years past. I will be following along by doing my December Daily 2013, then plan to finish 2009 (2 chapters) & start a new year. Feel free to play along.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Done & Documented: July

July around here was its typically busy level of excitement which leaves little time for scrapping & I kind of like that every once in a while & its especially convenient in the summertime when there is so much to do outside & other places. We hosted my family for 4th of July dinner after the parade on the 4th, we went to the lake for the Sunday after, our pup, Kora, had surgery on a cherry eye, we have taken a couple of totally down days where we didn't do much involving moving off the couch all day, Tim has worked most Saturdays so that's when I tend to run my errands, etc. A few Saturdays, however, I have taken some time to scrap.  On the 19th, I took supplies & went to Grandma's to do a page & helped get her going again.  On the 26th, I spent the afternoon & evening in Grinnell scrapping with my aunt & her friends.  That day was almost painful for me getting back into scrap-mode mentally so I only got one page done, it did prime me-so to say- for Sunday however, as I was able to put together 3 pages the next day. So here they are. & a couple more over the last week of the month.

 these 2 will be next to each other in the albumusing scraps & circle clips to coordinate, 2 Elle's Studio pieces, old rub on letters & random orange floss

This one was a fun photo to use. one of my husband & (at the time) brother's girlfriend. They have such a fun relationship-maybe its required to be able to put up with our family ;) - but I was able to combine those old 6x6 square sheets & the new Elle's Studio cards & strips really easily. 

 This was another fun one. She doesn't have many pages of just herself these days surrounded by 3 kiddos she's usually busy. Mostly old supplies with the new 'beautiful' frame. Made to coordinate with the previous page. 
  these 2 coordinate in real life, I just snapped crappy phone shots of them to share before it got any further into the month! random old supplies USED makes me GIDDY. 

crazy as it sounds, I completed 9!!!! pages over the first weekend of August so I will have LOTS more to share in my August report as I am closing in on the end goal!

you can see my January, FebruaryMarchAprilMay, & June reports here.

Done and documented is series of monthly posts that highlights Jess's progress completing unfinished travel

albums from years past. I will be following along by doing my December Daily 2013, then plan to finish 2009 (2 chapters) & start a new year. Feel free to play along.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

currently: July

Getting: ready to take my crowd to the county fair
Realizing: just how strange it is to have such cool temps in July, in Iowa.
Spending: an extra few minutes throwing the ingredients of a beef & veggie stew in the crockpot will pay off when we come home from the fair hungry.
Missing: some camping & boating time, but enjoying a pretty schedule free summer.
Reading: like crazy! currently waiting on Blossom Street Brides to be returned to the library as well as Tales from a Blue Bike to arrive through inter-library loan. 
Loving: that I have a scrap day on the calendar in the near future! 
Staying: on track with my water in take --proudly
Using: the heck out of the Iowa Food Coop products available right now.
Taking: time to read or scrap this summer is truly saving my sanity.
Deciding: to eat at the cook shack at the county fair on Friday--best decision ever.