Friday, April 18, 2014

Currently: April

Since I kind of skipped the March post, I am doing April's early-or had planned to & didn't get it finished to post early.

planning on a scrapping day with Mom for her birthday - yea, it was last Saturday & so much fun.
going outside every day last week morning & afternoon!
thankful that I scrap. I was able to pull out the 2010 scrapbooks (as much as are done anyway) to share with the current childcare kids while a set of siblings was visiting us last week. It showed how some of my currents were little tiny while these visitors were bigger during that time & that they did play together even if they don't remember each other very well.

watching my normal shows, almost always on DVR. getting excited about some of my summer shows I didn't realize I missed in the winter until I saw previews for them.
reading  Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife its like a window into that type of life & realize how very close to that line I was living back (what feels like 100) years ago. good read.
celebrating every day that all the littles nap at the same time. even if its 30 minutes of silence, I treasure it knowing that the school year is coming to a close (YAY!!) & that quiet time definition is about to change.

loving the sun shining almost every day again
eating  my self crazy through the Iowa Food Coop shopping list
enjoying working on Scrap Pink again. another worthy family in need of assistance.
wearing lots of tshirts that have been buried in my drawer since the warmer days of fall, even if I have to wear a sweatshirt over them for part of the day. Totally worth it.
working up to running on our early morning walks-still.
walking several early mornings each week.
trying .to eat cleaner, more fruits & veggies, less processed foods
feeling almost ambushed by the other half on the food front. we have very opposite opinions on the quality of food effects on the quality of life. *sigh*

the other morning, the neighborhood dogs were all going crazy & the boys could hear motor sounds so we took a walk to find them.  Luckily, they were right around on the other side of the block so we sat & watched them trim up 2 trees running everything through the chipper. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pin it & Do it #9

Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake -OH my GOODNESS! I had high hopes for this one & it exceeded them. If you EVER need a sweet, moist brunch or afternoon contribution for a small group, I highly recommend this little gem! It bakes in a bread loaf pan so it makes it the perfect size for my group for after school snack or 2 breakfasts. WIN!

Chunky Monkey Protein Smoothies -SO good  & healthy!! next time I would add a bit of honey for sweetness as the ones w/the extra sweet tooth weren't huge fans but I loved them & the majority did too. I even froze the leftovers to thaw a few days later & had myself one for breakfast! Win!

Honey Mustard Pork Chops - YUMMMMMMM!! I don't know what I was thinking ordering pork chops from the food coop the week before Tim's hog hunt but I did & with the call coming in yesterday that his pork is ready at the locker, I wanted to get the ones from the coop eaten before they got lost in the shuffle. Please tell me that happens in your freezer too, the stock doesn't always get rotated & eventually you find a 'treasure' in the back or bottom that is wayyyyyyyyyy past its prime? :) I have gotten much better about it with my desire to get the most out of everything we have but it still does happen.  ANYWAY, recipe, Kim! I cooked last night (which is odd-I am blessed w/a husband that has discovered the joy of cooking)+I wanted to use the pork chops+pinterest rocks. This was SUPER EASY! I cannot believe how easy! the only thing I did differently was that I didn't measure the onion salt or black pepper. Yes, I actually used onion salt. I usually don't but I realized we have an almost new jar in the cupboard & needed to use it, I just won't be replacing it. I also had to lengthen the final cook time by 5 minutes to get them up to 165 but I might instead lengthen the first section of cook time from 3 minutes per side to 5 or 6 minutes per side.  Tim even liked this & said to hold on to that recipe! That is a definite WIN!!

Go Pin it & Do it!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Done & Documented: March

I decided to document this month's pages with a series of collages, maybe it will be easier for you to view than individual photos with too much clutter around the edges & in the background. This page was so fun. its the first day of our Christmas Break. a collage photo of all the shots taken over the day by the various photographers in the house, a pretty satin ribbon behind, the star clip, the letter bottle caps, buttons, arrows, another hinge sticker & lots of cardstock stickers.

 here is a peek at our Christmas Day celebration.  We celebrated my side of the family on Christmas Day.  I was pretty pumped to finally use a cardboard CD case that had come in another kit but set unused on my desk.  I used it in the 2 right photos. (top shows it closed, bottom shows it opened) & then I have 2 pockets to put things in as I come across them later. the gift tags are creations of Mom's with her Cricut as she has done in the past few years.
 Here is the 3rd of 3 Christmas programs we attended this year.  Super simple, super sweet. then a great time playing w/the Arispe 3 (the way I often refer to my niece & nephews that live near Arispe)
love that music sheet paper with the love themed tags. The full pages are the square photos on the right. (I feel like I have shared this one...)
Here is the set pages for Christmas Eve, documenting our little gift exchange just between the 2 of us. 
He surprised me with a shot glass rack I have been drooling over at the Iowa State Fair for years.  I hadn't even unpacked my collecting when we moved in this house in 2007 for lack of space to appropriately display them. Not only did he get the shelf, had it personalized w/'Jackson Place' on the swinging doors at the top but he HUNG it that night! I had so much fun arranging my glasses around the shelves, so that the ones that came from certain people or trips were all together.  I got him some hunting gear from his list, all the journaling is inside the pocket on the right page.  Oh & I swapped out the white heart clip for a gold star clip after I had photographed it.

 Here is a pretty page using pink again.  I was determined at this point use up some supplies I have been hording.  the papers were actually 4" strips I pieced together then used the stickers to cover the seams, used up my blue buttons & then a lot of the pink stickers on 2 different sticker sheets. This was our pajama day that we made chocolate dipped cookie dough balls from pinterest & our annual applesauce + cinnamon ornaments.  Totally fun hands on day at childcare.  A few more pages & it was finished!!  check one project DONE!! :)

Then I got to work on Christmas #1 of 2 for 2009.  It just seemed logical to keep working on Christmas photos even though they are 4 years part. I am having a BLAST using up some bigger items I couldn't work into my December Daily.  This is the first time in a REALLY LONG time I have scrapped 12x12 Christmas pages. Below is a collage of cruddy phone pictures of the pages I have done so far. (all but the middle set on the left are matched as they will be in the book but the other 2 are not going across from each other)

I am so enjoying knowing that I 'have to report in' at the end of the month & I had better have something to report :)

you can see my January & February reports here.
Done and documented is series of monthly posts that highlights Jess's progress completing unfinished travel albums from years past. I will be following along by doing my December Daily 2013, then plan to finish 2009 (2 chapters) & start a new year. Feel free to play along! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Poor Man's Steak-recipe

Remember my post about this little cookbook? Well, I did one of the recipes in it last week.  The one from my  late Grandma Riemenschneider.  This makes me chuckle because being an 'old farm wife moved to town' she rarely cooked anything for us kids homemade. Stove Top stuffing, angel food cake from a mix, shake & bake chicken, canned green beans. LOL I assume she cooked this way when we were around for a couple of reasons.  1. having 3 grandkids around does not leave a lot of time for made from scratch meals, as she was always very attentive, active & overall present when we were with them. I never had to 'go looking for her' as she was always with in close range. 2. coming from the farm, where they did everything from scratch due to necessity, having the box options was probably pretty appealing (which I have seen & heard from many in that generation) & I find it amusing that now, with all the box options, we are choosing to make time & take the effort to go back to making more homemade :)  Okay, all that said, lets get on with the goodies!

Poor Man's Steak

3# ground beef (I used 2)
1 c milk
1 c bread or cracker crumbs (I used bread)
1/4 c grated onion (optional) (I used 1tbs onion onion seasoning from Tastefully Simple)
1 can mushroom or celery soup (I used homemade cream soup mix + water)
1 can water

mix together meat, milk, crumbs &  onion. At this point I also added 2 tsp black pepper & 1 tbs garlic garlic (also from Tastefully Simple-using up what I have in the cupboards). Spread on cookie sheet or 9x13 (I used a 9x13 so I could reuse it later), cover & chill 3 hours to overnight.  (I ended up leaving it for 48 hours) When ready to cook, pull out & cut into squares, flour & brown in a skillet (I thought at the time that this was a huge waste of time but in the end it was TOTALLY worth it + I had to add oil to my skillet b/c my beef is pretty lean) before placing in the baking dish (this is where I reused my 9x13). Cover with soup & water, bake @ 350 for an hour.

This reminded me of my salisbury steak recipe with a longer process but ended up being totally worth it & will be repeated as it was even approved by Tim (the critic) :)  The leftovers were served to the kids & they LOVED it! Win-Win!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work Space Wednesday

YAY!!!!!! I finally got one taken & posted on the right day!!!
here are some photos of my current work space. To say I am ready to do be done with this project is MORE THAN FAIR.

  •  Yes I use (unused, clean) pizza boxes for my scrap paper storage & transportation.
  • Yes, I am horrible about keeping my things sorted as I work on a project. 
  • Yes, I am ready to call my December Daily book complete! Saturday will be the final day YAY!!! 

So tell me, when you work on a project, any project, are you a messy worker? does your space get worse before it gets better? do you end w/a bigger mess than when you started? if not, I am jealous. :) 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Done & Documented: February

 here is the day I shared a peek at while it was in process last month.
Normally, I am a pretty flat scrapper so doing these minis, I get to pull out my 3-D goodies like the ornaments I strung on some glittery fiber & the bulky buttons on the right

here is a simple 2 page spread that talks about Sam's vet check up. Not at all about the holidays, but the injury happened at the beginning of the month & its part of the month, so here it is.  I added a couple of metal items to this set of pages after I took the photos, since I didn't have to worry about the texture. 

  here is #2 of 3 Christmas programs I attended this year. Their program I attached w/sticker hinges (going to miss them when they are gone as they are OLD) & used some vellum music paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby this year.

 This childcare page is so boring, but documented the day we finally got the Christmas decorations up! I did use the fun foamy Thicker letters & numbers & folded a sheet of cardstock to make a flip up to make room for the journaling, those things sure helped dress it up. 

  what? no photos of the flower delivery? me? oops!! 
 I recovered by using the paper they came in, then tucked the journaling  box inside. 

Pink is not a normal color I use for a Christmas page but it really fit the photos this time, so I pulled out an assortment of pinks. It was fun to get out of the red-and-green box for a while.

I finished up the month of February working on Day 23 that didn't get finished until March.  I would love to show more photos of the days in between (which would probably bore you to death) but I cannot figure out how to load the edited photos from Picassa into the blog.

Done and documented is series of monthly posts that highlights Jess's progress completing unfinished travel albums from years past. I will be following along by doing my December Daily 2013, then plan to finish 2009 (2 chapters) & start a new year. Feel free to play along! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Have you ever had popovers?  I love their eggy-ness, that they are best warm from the oven but still yummy the next day, they are sugar free & that they are filling.  They can be eaten plain, w/honey, butter, jelly or jam or applesauce (our current dip of choice around here).  I have been making popovers & mini popovers for the kiddos for about 10 years & didn't even know until Sunday that there was such a thing as a popover pan. Yesterday I was racking my brain looking for something quick to throw in the oven for afternoon snack & realized I hadn't served them in ages, so popovers it was.  Then I realized I have never blogged the recipe to share, so here you go!


preheat oven AND muffin pan(s) to 425

mix together:
1 c flour
1/4 t salt
1 c milk
2 eggs

pour into hot greased muffin tins
bake 30 minutes for full size muffins (8-12 for minis)
mine yesterday did NOT get puffy, the kids said they didn't pop over, they popped under (they all had divots in the top ;)) but still tasted yummy!

I could see baking them n custard cups like this recipe on suggests for other occasions.