Friday, October 17, 2014

old school blogging..

taking a stab at this old school blogging, even though it very closely resembles my every day blogging style ;)  this is a fun list though & I do love a good list!

Sit down restaurant – we eat out so rarely that I have different faves depending on where we are & what time of day--supper: Johnny's Italian Steakhouse or our local Iron Horse Grill, breakfast: our local Family Table (think homemade dishes)
Cookie – a soft snickerdoodle like I can get at our local farmer's market 
Bath product scent – .cinnamon or vanilla 
T.V. shows – Old shows: Friends, Burn Notice, The Mentalist,  . Currently: The Good Wife, NCIS (all 3 of them), Perception, Blue Bloods, Revenge, Madame Secretary, Person of Interest, Cedar Cove, Castle, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Criminal Minds, Law & Order; SVU, The Blacklist, Graceland,  Grey’s Anatomy.
Flower/plant – lilac
Bad-for-me snack - chips & recess pieces
Magazines – nothing right now..
Hobby (besides blogging) – Scrapbooking
Holiday –  4th of July. no expectations, respect is paid where its long over due, & there is GRILLED food :) 
Girls Night Out activity – mexican for supper, drinks & live music preferably outside
Date night -  supper out, kickboxing or cage fights, expensive coffee on the way home OR an overnight away from everything civilized- a cabin for Valentine's, camping in April or March, etc. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Currently: September 2014 (ahem) October 2014

Getting: in the mood for fall activities, wearing jackets & jeans, going to the Harvest Barn, Farm Crawl & Pierce's pumpkin patch & burning cinnamon & maple scented candles & wax melts.
Realizing: I need to make time for girl friends, SOON.
Spending: a few minutes each Sunday to pick up & vacuum the house makes a world of difference on how we feel about our home.
Rejoicing: in the fact that my part of the playground rehab seems to have come to a close, or at least a pause for
Becoming: a much happier person lately.
Waiting: for March to put completed scrap pages into sleeves & covers ~~~> can't wait to see how this shelf looks by then.

Reading: nothing right now, thinking about Scrap Pink & scrapping is keeping me busy. 
Reorganizing: our entire schedule to fit an early pick up heading to preschool has led to earlier lunch, earlier naptime, and earlier wake ups.
Loving: that I have re-evaluated my scrapping theory & am shortening the chapters as I scrap from here on out. 
Staying: under the warm quilt until the last possible second in the mornings because we are still sleeping with the windows open & often time, the fan is on. brrrrrrr
Using: Pickle Creek roasted garlic infused oil on grilled cheese sandwiches instead of butter. ground breaking for me! YUMMMMM
Taking:  time for me, makes me feel amazing for days after.
a image of an image of the nieces playing photographers at the anniversary party.. LOVE!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Farm Crawl 2014

Now that I look at this collage of the few photos I took while I was on the Farm Crawl, I realize its not a very good representation of the actual crawl itself.  The sky was amazing that day (as you can tell by all of the images I have that include it), I have always wanted to stop & take shots of the corn tops waving in the wind against a gorgeous sky, well, Sunday I was all alone, no one else to inconvenient or laugh at me, so I did just that. Same with the grain bin against the clouds, it just called out to me on my way by & I couldn't ignore it. The shoot from the thresher+blacksmith +red barn+wind vane on the playhouse images are all from the Crooked Gap Farm visit. the selfie is one of the times I was sitting waiting for the line of traffic to exit a farm to make room for more of us to enter. The tour guide was at Blue Gate Farm. The goat was at Reichert's Dairy Farm where I bought 3 kinds of chevre (a spread type cheese).  What I didn't capture with a camera is all of the goodies I brought home!  

My first stop was the pumpkin patch that I haven't been to in years.  I first bought a cup of hot apple cider to sip while I shopped & looked around.  I settled on the biggest Indian corn I have ever seen in my life $3 for a 3 ear bundle & 4 various gourds for decorating the front step.

Then I went to the Blue Gate Farm, browsed around the visiting tents, caught the end of a guided tour, stuck my head in the hoop houses & went on down the road.

Next I stopped a the dairy. Where I got to see some of the goats & purchased the chevre.

Around a few corners, appropriately located on 'Crooked Road',  I found Crooked Gap Farm.  This one was especially fun for me because I listen to Ethan's podcasts & love to read Rebecca's blog on gardening, canning & family life on the farm.  From their stand, I bought some bacon & breakfast sausage patties.

Then I was off to Coyote Run Farm where I got to see a really great old barn, browsed their farm stand but missed the soup.

From there, I followed the arrows the White Breast Creek Pottery. WOW!!! the pottery from the clay beneath the creek is gorgeous! I did buy a hand woven rug for the kitchen & its HUGE!! I also decided to get a walking taco from the 4H kids' stand while I was there & sat in the van in the sunshine eating my lunch in complete silence. 

Last on my list was the Schneider Orchard.  I was really bummed to discover that they were out of cider donuts when I arrived so instead, I bought some caramel apple bars, 5# of Jonathon apples (that I made into applesauce on Monday), and fudge from Piper's candy booth. 

After that I realized I had really treated this crawl as a 5 hour & no idea how many miles Farmer's Market :)  It was fun & unrestricting going solo, it would be really fun with a friend & really, really fun with kids as almost every farm had face painting, games or activities for kids set up. I returned with my goodies & felt completely refreshed instead of totally worn out as I had expected to feel. Fresh air, sunshine & quiet time in the country tends to do that to me.  I will definitely find someone to take with me next time & highly recommend it to all my local friends.  Definitely a fun fall activity for the area!

What have you been up to this fall?

Friday, September 26, 2014

5 on Friday: September 2014 edition

This month, Mom & I went to the last of our local outdoor concerts which happened to be Trick Pony & they were AWESOME!!! So much energy, they ALL looked like they were up there having fun instead of just getting a pay check. I thoroughly enjoyed them. 

with out many overnights at the lake this summer, I was missing the bonfire portion of it so we started having small camp fires in the back yard & I love that they are small enough that if I only sit there for a couple of hours, I don't feel guilty. 

 I got to participate in helping to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this terrific couple, my only remaining grandparents. Love Love Love them!

A couple of weeks ago, Mom & I were heading to a crop so I checked out the map of the new freedom rocks being painted in Iowa & found one semi-close to our destination & routed ourselves that way.  This is the 2nd one I have seen & am hooked! I plan to make a mini album of photos of them as we visit them. 

I love the Farmer's Markets in every single season but fall is super fun as the temps are super comfy, the produce switches gears, & I have made friends with new vendors by now. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

5 on Friday: Iowa State Fair edition

Tim & I often joke about how we eat our way through the Iowa State Fair. this year was different. We didn't really eat that much but I did take lots of pictures of food stands.
  1. Southern Style Nachos. YUMMMM homemade potato chips, nacho cheese (even if it was out of a can), shredded smoked pork & BBQ sauce (again, even if it was store bought). This was a first for us, recommended as back up plan if the line to the hot beef sundae was too long for us-it was, now I am thankful. 
  2. American Gothic statue. Somehow I managed to cruise right on by this bad boy on our first Saturday at the fair. Place in the middle of one of the main drags that I know we walked on both directions. Way more impressive than I expected it to be. 
  3. The big Pepsi clock.  It was always a 'center point' for us growing up. We were taught (?or maybe just learned on our own) how to remember the location of almost everything in relation to this clock. I love that its still there, still works & still in great condition.
  4. The flags lining the top of the Grandstand.  I don't remember them there as a child but I do remember that when someone was lost or missing their meeting time, there was an announcement, "would John Doe please meet your party at the Hall of Law located at the West end of the Grandstand" & on the repeat of it (they always said it twice) my brothers & I would repeat it with the announcer. Oh the funny things we did as kids & then remember as adults.... 
  5. The food stands. I haven't tried but I imagine I could find the exact number of food stands located on the fairgrounds & I bet the number would boggle my mind even though I know there is A LOT. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Currently: August

Getting: acquainted with 2 new littles.
Realizing: how much more time its taking me this year to regain my bearings once school is underway.  I am blaming age...
Spending: every Monday evening with my grandparents is the most rewarding time I have right now.
Missing: my brother this week at odd times. excrutiating hurt like I haven't felt in a year. the kind that brings tears at the drop of a hat, without warning & for no apparent reason.
Reading: Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor series. 
Reorganizing: my scrap table soon. Since I finished that summer chapter, its time to move it off the workspace & replace it with something different.
Loving: that I have worked scrap time into my evenings this summer. Its not often a priority in the warmer months when there is so much to do outside. 
Staying: on track with a cleaning schedule for a month is amazing for me.  Usually I just 'hit a lick at a snake' when the feeling (or need) arises, but lately I have been cleaning the childcare on Friday afternoons & then the upstairs on Sundays. Its working for now.
Using: the heck out of the Iowa Food Coop products available right now.
Taking: time to read or scrap this summer is truly saving my sanity.
Deciding: on various Scrap Pink details. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Phone Dump

Thinking this might be a fun regular post to have..
From our view of our normal 'beach' .. yea, almost completely underwater, but it worked out well. Real camera photos will come soon..

our amazing view heading home from the fun afternoon at the lake.

AND I need to be better about checking the garden!! these 4 cukes were found & picked on Sunday.

ping ping ping.. we tag teamed some salsa making on Sunday afternoon 

 coleslaw I made on Monday (Labor Day) morning to go with our supper. mostly ingredients from the Iowa Food Coop-gotta love it! 

how was your weekend? as you can see ours looks to have been a healthy balance of fun & productivity.